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3 Ways to Get a Grip on Technology with Managed Services for Banks

  • by Computer Services, Inc.
  • Nov 10, 2016

For many community banks, holding on to IT staff equipped with the expertise and ability to manage various technology systems is a difficult and expensive task. Plus, finding qualified IT employees is increasingly challenging.

Fortunately for Citizens State Bank in Luling, Texas, they decided years ago that a third-party managed services provider could help the bank not only solve IT staffing issues, but also achieve its technology strategies. Even so, the bank eventually learned that not all managed services providers can meet financial institutions’ very specific needs.

Finding a Partner Specializing in Managed Services for Financial Institutions  

Though Citizens State had a positive, long-time relationship with their former managed services vendor, they needed more confidence on the IT side. The bank was experiencing some ongoing regulatory concerns and the management of the hardware and software had some weaknesses.

To achieve that confidence, Citizens State decided to search for a more synergistic partnership with a managed services provider that specializes in the banking industry. Since partnering with an industry-specific managed services partner, Citizens State has realized these key benefits:

  1. Data Integrity

    Ensuring the bank’s third-party vendors are secure is one of the bank’s chief concerns. Working with an industry-specific managed services provider that is familiar with the unique threats facing banks has enabled Citizens State to effectively manage risks and successfully protect the bank’s valuable customer data. 

  2. 24x7 Monitoring and Quick Resolution Time

    Armed with information security management systems designed for banks, a financial industry-specific managed services provider is equipped to monitor and respond to threats to information servers, applications, networks and security devices around the clock. For Citizens State, this means they get 24x7 risk mitigation and quick resolution time.

  3. Happy Auditors
  4. Managed security services for banks are also developed to streamline audits and examinations. After switching to a new managed services provider, Citizens State made significant improvements to hardware, software, management and controls. When it came time for an audit, the bank was able to simply hand over their reports, detailing everything the auditor needed to know about any patching and incidents.

Make Managed Services a Win-Win

Financial institutions simultaneously deploy many different technologies, all of which must run smoothly and securely in order to best serve customers and protect their data. By finding an industry-specific managed services provider, Citizens State was able to solve IT staffing issues and achieve technology strategies. They feel confident knowing their managed services partner offers the best and most appropriate servers and controls. And, for the bank, that’s a win-win situation.

To learn more about how Citizens State solved their IT and technology challenges, read CSI’s free case study