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2015 Banking Priorities: Part 3, Goals and Strategies

  • by Steve DuPerrieu
  • Mar 10, 2015

As the final installment of our three-part blog series on CSI’s Executive Report: 2015 Banking Priorities, we’ll reveal the biggest goals bankers like you have for the year ahead. 

With growth and profitability identified as the greatest challenges for bankers, and new technologies as the best area for development, we’re left with the task of creating the strategies needed to achieve your annual goals.

Focusing on Priorities 

Based on the data compiled from more than 200 of your peers, your fellow bank executives plan on focusing their efforts in 2015 on:

  • Attracting new deposits
  • Driving interest income
  • Improving loan growth
  • Increasing lending
  • Delivering enhanced customer service
  • Optimizing bank branches with technology
  • Investing in the mobile banking channel  

It’s no surprise, that in light of improved economic conditions, many financial institutions anticipate strong growth for lending, interest, deposits and loans in 2015. And with the explosion of the mobile banking channel, and increased service expectations, it’s also reasonable to see bankers focusing on how they deliver services to customers. 

Establishing Customer-Centric Strategies

Overall, banks plan to attract new customers in 2015 by providing superior customer service. According to survey feedback, superior customer service means delivering all the leading edge technologies of the “big banks,” but with the personal touch of a local bank.

Whether it’s offering mobile banking services so customers can bank anytime, anywhere or optimizing branch performance by providing touch-screen kiosks and tablet banking, your peers are deploying a variety of customer-centric tactics in 2015. 

But no matter what the tactic, the strategies appear to be interrelated: by providing superior service, customers will likely share their positive experiences and perceptions with others. Delivering outstanding service correlates with word-of-mouth advertising, which directly attracts new customers.

Achieving Superior Results

Overall, the data from our Banking Priorities survey indicates a positive outlook in 2015, with the majority of respondents focusing on customer growth, new technology, omnichannel experience and the economy. It doesn’t matter if your bank is focused on generating income or expanding service offerings—growth, security and customer service are goals you share with all of your peers.

And at CSI, we’ll continue to focus on our goal to empower customers like you to remain competitive, compliant and profitable. That’s because at CSI, we listen to what our customers are saying so we can provide high-quality, dynamic solutions to help you achieve superior results.

Cheers to 2015 and to the priorities that define your bank.


Steve DuPerrieu serves as director of product management for CSI NuPoint. In his role, Steve oversees the strategic direction of several products, including mobile and Internet banking.