Wire Transfer Software 

CSI offers two wire transfer services—WatchDOG® Wire and WatchDOG Wire+. Both automate the electronic transfer of funds from one bank account to another.

By automating bank wires, WatchDOG Wire solutions save your bank time by eliminating the need to manually post transactions. And as CSI Regulatory Compliance products, they also help mitigate risk. 

Advantages of WatchDOG Wire Solutions

These comprehensive, end-to-end money transfers services:

  • Streamline the wire creation and approval process through workflows
  • Integrate with FedLine to process both incoming and outbound wires via file transfer
  • Simplify wire creation with Wire Templates, which can be based on past activity
  • Facilitate the assignment and auditing of all transaction information
  • Automate the screening process and flag transactions that may have a potential match to an OFAC SDN list
  • Support OFAC, BSA/AMLRed Flags and other compliance programs
  • Automatically provide wire information to CSI’s NuMonitor BSA/AML fraud-monitoring system

In addition to the tools offered by WatchDOG Wire, WatchDOG Wire+ integrates directly with the Federal Reserve for messages, balances and for processing both incoming and outbound wires. 

NuPoint® and Internet Banking Integration

Our bank wire transfer software seamlessly integrates with CSI’s core processing solution, NuPoint, to ensure the automatic verification of funds and posting of memo activity, wire transactions and fees. These solutions can also be used by corporate customers that utilize CSI Internet Banking. And as a self-service model, corporate customers can create and approve their own wire transfers. 

Simplify Wire Transfer Activity

As top performing wire transfer software vendors, CSI can simplify the time-consuming wire transfer process, while also helping your bank mitigate risk and manage compliance regulations. Learn more about CSI’s wire transfer services, WatchDOG Wire and WatchDOG Wire+. Contact CSI today for more information.