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Is the customer data at your bank protected? CSI risk management software, WatchDOG SSN and SSN Plus, offer financial institutions and other businesses simple, affordable and confidential ways to validate Social Security Numbers (SSN) and protect against identity theft, fraud and other criminal activities.

Strengthen Your Identity Theft Prevention Program

By implementing CSI WatchDOG SSN or SSN Plus, you can:

  • Ensure SSN validation for your customers and vendors
  • Receive details about the issuance of the SSN, including the date and place it was issued as well as the approximate age of the person assigned that number
  • Identify suspect SSNs, including those that have expired, are considered improbable and have never been issued
  • Create detailed reports outlining the results of your searches

Plus, you can minimize your company’s losses due to identity theft or fraud, and maintain USA PATRIOT Act compliance and uphold FACTA’s Red Flags Rule.

Learn More About WatchDOG SSN and SSN Plus

WatchDOG SSN and SSN Plus are cost-efficient and simple options for validating your customers' SSNs. Want to learn more? Just complete an online contact form to find out how our SSN validator software can help safeguard your business.