Regulatory Compliance Services


Social Engineering Testing

With CSI’s Social Engineering Testing, we can identify the potential holes in your “human network” to prevent breaches and strengthen your company’s security and compliance posture.

Social engineering is one of the most sinister methods external attackers use to gain access to customer information. By manipulating those closest to the target—your employees—these attackers use physiological tactics to lure your employees into divulging confidential information they would otherwise not release.

How Our Social Engineering Testing Works

CSI's consultants work with you to determine how susceptible your employees are to social engineering attacks by performing phishing tests. We then provide recommendations for fortifying your employees’ defenses against external attackers through:

  • Customized Social Engineering Attacks
    Using a variety of phishing tests and social engineering techniques, our information security team conducts undercover interactive tests with employees to determine the degree that attackers can manipulate them. 
  • Social Engineering Defense Recommendations
    Once your social engineering test is complete, we provide valuable feedback that your organization can use to:  
  • Strengthen your social engineering defenses
  • Protect your confidential information
  • Keep your institution in-line with Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) compliance

Network Attack Simulations

CSI can take testing one step further by simulating a network attack similar to those used by many of today’s cybercriminals. In this social engineering test, CSI’s consultants will gain initial access to your network. Using this access, we’ll then attempt to further penetrate your network, trying to gain access to sensitive systems and information.

Do you know if your business will pass our social engineering testing? Contact CSI to find out more. A member of our team will reach out to you with more information about how social engineering testing can keep your confidential data safe and secure.