Regulatory Compliance Services


Password Audit

One weak, predictable or repeatedly used password is all cybercriminals need to worm their way into your entire network. Ensure passwords are strong and secure with the help of CSI’s Password Audit service.  

Passwords don’t have to present these opportunities for the bad guys. CSI’s sophisticated password audit process significantly reduces the risk of cybercriminals gaining access to your confidential information and critical systems. Designed as a completely remote and noninvasive service, our consultants test the strength of your passwords without ever needing to touch your systems or enter your facilities.

Perform an Information Security Review While You Work

CSI’s Password Audit service tests your organization’s password compliance to safeguard your confidential information by:    

  • Auditing the stored versions of your organization’s encrypted passwords
  • Uncovering predictable patterns and other password security weaknesses
  • Protecting your network from unwanted password exploitation and consequent system infiltration

And because CSI’s Password Audit is remote, you maintain business-as-usual while taking a huge step toward improving your overall information security. Find out how easy it is to strengthen your security posture–contact CSI today.  

How Does Password Audit Work? 

All we need is a file with the encrypted password versions. We expose password vulnerabilities through our password audit and discern patterns and other weaknesses that hackers could easily detect and exploit.

Since you provide the file, it’s up to you which passwords are audited. You can perform an active directory password audit or only audit the passwords for a particular application. The more passwords you choose to test, the stronger your information security posture will be.