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IT Risk Assessment 

Performing IT audits is critical to your success. If you’re not properly protecting your IT assets and your customers’ confidential data, your financial institution is vulnerable to increased risks.

With CSI’s IT Risk Assessment service, you can classify your IT assets and then identify, measure and mitigate risks.

Our IT Security Review Solutions

With our bank IT risk assessment software, we evaluate your institution to determine your inherent and residual risk levels. Our IT Risk Assessment evaluates risks to confidentiality, integrity and the availability of your informational assets.

Our experts then provide a comprehensive risk assessment report, giving recommendations to strengthen controls and reduce risks so you can create a successful ongoing information security risk management program. CSI is also mindful of what auditors are looking for, using FFIEC guidelines, NIST standards, GLBA compliance and other regulatory guidance to complete your IT risk assessment.

Learn More About IT Security Risk Assessment 

Undergoing a cybersecurity risk assessment is complex and ever-changing. CSI is here to provide financial institutions with security risk assessment services, so you stay secure and compliant. Find out more by completing our online contact request form.