Regulatory Compliance Services

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GLBA Information Security Risk Assessment

CSI's Information Security Review services are designed to lower your risk and prepare your institution to pass Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) risk assessments and to meet FFIEC guidelines. Our consultants combine technical and regulatory expertise to provide you with the most comprehensive GLBA risk assessment and FFIEC testing in the industry.

How an Information Security Review Safeguards Your Bank

Intended to safeguard against threats and ensure cybersecurity preparedness, CSI’s IT security review services helps strengthen your information security program so you can:

  • Protect your customers’ and your institution’s sensitive information
  • Identify known and foreseeable security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Update and maintain your GLBA information security program to avoid future security or data breaches

Our On-Site GLBA Risk Assessment 

To help you with GLBA compliance and risk management, our security experts visit your financial institution and conduct a full information security risk assessment. As part of our assessment, we:

  • Evaluate your information security systems and procedures
  • Perform a comprehensive network vulnerability scan
  • Provide a risk-based report of observations with recommendations
  • Assess your hardware, software, networks, communications, wire transfers, computer usage, application management, environmental controls, patch management, policies, procedures, vendor oversight, access controls, physical security, e-banking, social engineering, BCP compliance and wireless access  

CSI's Information Security Review Service Reports are well respected within the regulatory community. In fact, many CSI customers use these reports as the basis for responding to requests during official GLBA examinations.

Learn More About GLBA Compliance With Information Security Review 

Protecting your customers’ personal financial information is not only part of being a responsible financial institution—it’s a federal requirement under the GLBA compliance and FFIEC compliance security guidelines.

To learn more about how our Information Security Review service can act as your comprehensive GLBA risk assessment tool, contact CSI today.