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Board of Directors Cybersecurity Training and IT Governance Training

When the FDIC released updates to the FFIEC Management Booklet of the IT Handbook in 2015, it introduced a number of new obligations for financial institutions’ boards of directors. Specifically, your board is now required to remain actively engaged in, and fully govern, IT Management. 

With cybersecurity training from CSI, you can educate your board members to ensure that they have access to accurate, timely and relevant industry information in the areas of cybersecurity and IT governance. 

Cybersecurity Training for the Board of Directors

CSI Cybersecurity Awareness training is tailored to your board and financial institution, and provides a hands-on opportunity for discussion and questions. And whether you prefer virtual or in-person training, CSI’s team of industry experts will conduct an interactive exercise to cover FFIEC compliance and the five general awareness topics related to cybersecurity preparedness, including:

  1. Risk Management and Oversight
  2. Threat Intelligence and Collaboration
  3. Cybersecurity Controls
  4. External Dependency Management
  5. Cyber-Incident Management and Resilience

CSI’s Cybersecurity Awareness training will help you build the foundation your board needs to maintain a cybersecurity vigilance strategy, make informed decisions and stay competitive in the industry.                 

Learn More About Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Your Board

Is the board of directors at your financial institution well versed in IT management and cybersecurity? Utilize CSI’s cybersecurity training and IT governance training to help your board better respond to questions regarding their related involvement so your financial institution is prepared during regulatory compliance examinations.

To learn more about this training, contact CSI's team of industry experts, today.