Payments Processing

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Automated Clearing House Payments

CSI provides ACH payments processing with comprehensive tools that help facilitate, manage and streamline electronic check processing to increase value for your customers.

Timely, secure and reliable processing of credit and debit transactions keeps your financial institution profitable and your customers happy. But processing ACH payments on your own can be costly and time consuming.

How ACH Processing Software Benefits Your Bank 

CSI offers flexible ACH payment processing that enhances banking operations by:

  • Originating payments, deposits and payroll direct deposits for corporate and retail customers
  • Resubmitting incoming return file items eligible for representment
  • Reviewing exceptions online, including prenotes, ACH returns and Notices of Change (NOC)
  • Managing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) activity on customer accounts

Our ACH services give you stronger control over and better insight into the ACH process. Through our services, you can enhance your transaction processes, improving performance for your branches and your customers.

Our ACH Payment Processing Solutions

Through our fully integrated ACH processing software, you can capitalize on two valuable and cost-effective services:

  • ACH+
    Through ACH+ service suite, NuPoint® customers have access to stronger tools for automating reports and managing risk. More powerful than traditional ACH offerings, ACH+ optimizes your institution’s performance and profitability, allowing you to:
  • Empower your customers to better facilitate growing ACH activity with ACH Activity Filtering
  • Manage Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systematically with ACH EDI Processing
  • Control risk on ACH credit origination exposure from submission to settlement with Origination Prefunding
  • ACHLinks
    For Meridian.NET customers, CSI offers ACHLinks, which provides your bank with tools to identify and handle ACH rejects, generate automated records and originate loan payments. With ACHLinks, you can:
  • Create automated files for NOC transactions and NSF returns
  • Receive ACH payroll files and originate payroll deposits to another bank
  • Generate multiple reports that improve visibility into the ACH process

Want to learn more about gaining stronger control of and better insight into ACH payments processing? Complete an online contact form, and a member of our team will reach out to you with more information.