CSI Meridian.NET Core Banking System for Bank Performance Reporting

Meridian.NET provides numerous core banking solutions that help you report on your financial institution’s performance, including:

Call Reports

Integrated into the Meridian.NET platform, Call Reports calculates the information needed to complete the majority of your bank call reports. By automating many manual procedures, Call Reports streamlines processes and brings efficiency to your quarterly bank performance reporting responsibilities.

With the Call Report application, banks can:

  • Produce “work papers” to verify results
  • Recalculate any last-minute changes to your call report parameters
  • Calculate your month-, quarter- and year-to-date averages automatically
  • Store report information separately for easy access at the end of each quarter
  • Create numerous management reports for loans, DDAs, CDs and asset/liability management


CSI’s Reporter is a customized bank performance reporting tool with letter-writing capabilities. Through this dynamic tool, you can create reports from multiple variables so that you have the insight you need to make strategic decisions. 

Meridian.NET’s Reporter simplifies evaluating bank performance with:

  • Performance measurement utilizing hundreds of variables to create customizable reports
  • Letter automation that sends correspondence directly to selected customers or prints address labels
  • Information transfer to your computer for additional analysis using a spreadsheet program

Reporting System

Reporting System is a flexible bank reporting tool and archiving system that allows computer-generated reports to be stored and retrieved electronically. With this bank reporting system, you define what reports are print-only, print-and-archive and archive-only.

CSI’s Reporting System makes your bank reporting and archiving more efficient by:

  • Using UNIX and CD-ROM technology to make reports available immediately
  • Giving all employees access to view, search and print data, eliminating the need to print many of the reports
  • Archiving data on CD-ROM, which is more universal and less expensive than optical disks
  • Printing reports to disk, reducing paper costs and printer time

Profitability Reporting

Profitability Reporting helps your bank make more informed decisions by using the industrywide best practice method of Funds Transfer Pricing. You can perform bank branch profitability analysis, so you can more accurately allocate net interest margins across all segments of your bank. 

CSI's Profitability Reporting has two components: Margin Performer and Profit Performer.

With Margin Performer, your bank can:

  • Rank customers by most or least profitable to help develop retention and marketing strategies
  • Provide trending analysis with 24 rolling periods, enabling you to pinpoint opportunities
  • Compare your products to other banks using Margin Performer
  • Represent your organization’s performance in easy-to-use drill-down categories

As a bank profitability analysis tool, Profit Performer, your bank can:

  • Calculate non-interest income based on service charges, overdraft fees, prepayment penalties and more
  • Analyze your general ledger to identify non-interest expenses based on servicing, origination, general overhead and activity-based costs
  • Determine capital needs based on RAROC model to provide ROE performance at each bank segment

Get more information about Meridian.NET’s core bank processing system for bank reporting by completing an online form. Our team will contact you with more information. It’s our goal to help your bank grow through compliance and profitability. Contact CSI, today.