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  • Payments Tech—The Great Equalizer

    CBInsight; Online; July 2015

    From a regulatory standpoint, most community banks are focused on the EMV liability shift, which occurs this October. And while this is an important change in the payments landscape, EMV is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of how payments applications can spur growth for banks.

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  • Three Powerful Ways Online Portals Transcend the Boardroom

    BankNews Learning Points, Online; July 2015

    But facilitating a safe, paperless boardroom is truly just the tip of the iceberg for secure portal technologies. Loan committee portals and employee intranets also provide an effective alternative for securely managing a variety of sensitive data and applications enterprisewide. These online portals require all the same safeguards as do board portals, including login and password verification, to ensure all materials remain protected.

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  • The P2P Revolution

    Digital Transactions; Online; July 2015

    Nobody can say for sure when the first electronic person-to-person payment took place, but payments historians are pretty sure they can pinpoint the first official P2P transfer using a mobile device. It was a whopper.

    CSI’s SPIN has one key advantage over providers like Square or Facebook: only the receiver must have a debit card.
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  • Get out of the IT Weeds and Back into Banking

    CBInsight; Online; June 2015

    Do you ever think about the “soft costs” of a managed IT services relationship? In a recent MSPAlliance survey, 50 percent of respondents cited the ability to return to their core competencies as their main reason for seeking an MSP.

    Such incalculable advantages, for some banks, are even greater than those that are more quantifiable—as long as you partner with the right vendor.
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  • FFIEC Shifts to Cybersecurity

    Credit Union Times; Online; June 2015

    In March, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council provided an overview of its 2015 cybersecurity priorities, which included work streams and a self-assessment tool, and industry observers believe this is a precursor to issuing cybersecurity guidance.

    Tyler Leet, director of risk and compliance services at the Paducah, Ky.-based CSI, added, “They wanted a better understanding of where community financial institutions stood with their cybersecurity posture and the controls they had in place, and areas they think need to be improved.”
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  • The Delicate Balancing Act of Risk and Reward

    CBInsight; Online; May 2015

    The business of banking has, and always will be, based on the notion of taking calculated risks in order to reap the rewards. But risk and reward must be balanced. Take on too little risk, and the reward may not be worth the effort to satisfy shareholders. Take on too much risk, and it may or may not yield the anticipated reward—but could lead to federal regulatory action.
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  • Email Encryption Protects Critical Data Outside Your Walls

    Texas Bankers Association; Online; May 2015

    Email encryption is an area on which regulators are casting a stronger eye, since customers’ financial information is at greater risk while traveling outside your firewall and over the public Internet. Because as we know, with the right equipment and code, everything on the Internet can be viewed from anywhere, anytime.

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  • Be a Part of the Community … The Electronic Community, Social Media!

    Hoosier Banker; Online; May 2015

    Your bank is heavily involved in the communities you serve. You sponsor the local sports teams, support community festivals and provide personal service and expertise to the people who live in your communities.

    Social media is the electronic-channel version of your ongoing outreach. As a community bank, you can’t afford not to be a part of the community.

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