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  • Banks Take P2P Payments Back from Non-Bank Apps

    Transaction News; Online PDF, Page 12; December 2013

    Mobile-based, P2P payments have been the “next big thing” for several years now. And while there is a certainly an increase in adoption among consumers, electronic P2P still has not crossed the threshold of mass adoption. 


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  • FFIEC Guidance Extends to CUs Without Social Media

    Credit Union Times; Online; September 2013

    Even credit unions without a social media presence on sites like Facebook or Twitter must comply with the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council’s proposed social media guidance, CSI Regulatory Compliance Customer Relationship Manager Lee Thomas said in an Aug. 28 Credit Union Times webinar.
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  • Regulations Play Catch-Up to International Electronic Transactions

    Transaction News; Online PDF, Page 8; November 2013

    For years, the growing utilization of electronic transactions outpaced the regulations governing them. While Congress initially passed the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, better known as Regulation E, in 1970, the regulation was rarely updated. As digital transactions grew in importance, the law left too many grey areas for both consumers and financial institutions. 
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  • CUs in Muddy IT Waters Turning to Managed Services

    Credit Union Times; Online; October 2013

    To navigate the increasingly complicated IT waters and alleviate pressures associated with tougher compliance exams, a growing number of credit unions are turning to managed services providers.

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  • Ease IT Budget Headaches with Strategic Planning

    Credit Union Times; Online; October 2013

    When creating annual IT budgets, credit unions often get trapped in a complicated maze.

    Increasing demand for mobile services, rapidly changing technology and tighter security regulations regarding innovations such as social media make it tough to pinpoint the best ways to spend tech dollars. 
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  • The Bank of Kentucky Trusts Its Core to SaaS

    SaaS In the Enterprise; Online; July 2013

    In banking, the crown jewels are the hosted core systems that house an institution's official transaction record. In most banks it sits in the headquarters where it is treated reverentially. But not at the Bank of Kentucky. 

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  • Building a Custom Route to the Cloud

    BAI Banking Strategies; Online; June 2013

    Cloud computing is claimed by many proponents as the next great frontier in banking technology. So, it is no surprise that cloud computing is growing exponentially. To make the most out of cloud computing, banks should assess their level of readiness and outline a long-term strategy for maximizing the return on investment.

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  • Transforming Banking Core Systems: Lessons from Busey Bank

    Bank Systems & Technology; Online; April 2013

    A core systems transformation is perhaps the biggest technology project a bank can undertake. Core systems do more than just run the business; many banks are replacing legacy systems with newer ones in order to provide better, more tailored customer service and become more efficient. There are many factors a bank must consider when looking at replacing or upgrading its core systems.

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